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Founded in 2007, Mile High Net Stores LLC (originally Positive Ventures LLC), is a family owned and operated ecommerce company. Our business began in a small home-office with a computer and entrepreneurial zeal. Dedicating many late nights and long weekends, Mile High Net Stores LLC has flourished into a trusted source for specialty retail products.

Mile High Net Stores LLC is more than a business. It is a product of a dedicated family of 4 who have worked together in combination of time and talent to create a unique business to share with the world. With all hands on deck, we are constantly striving for quality service and innovative products for an exceptional ecommerce experience. Thankfully, we have outstanding help from great employees, and even the family dogs - Reminton, Buckaroo and Chloe - who accompany us to our large warehouse daily.

At home, our family undertakes many exciting adventures like maintaining elaborate marine ecosystems and raising baby seahorses! (Those pets stay at home though.) We love to create new things and start many unique projects. Together, our family experiences make Mile High Net Stores LLC what it is today. It is not just a business, it is a part of our family. We work daily to support, expand, and improve our company so we can offer the very best products and service. By shopping at Mile High Net Stores LLC, you are more than a customer, you are part of our family. Your interest is ours.

Welcome to the family!

Visit our fun and exciting websites:

Mulberry Paper and More: This is a site for artists, designers, crafters and paper lovers of all types. We import specialty papers from around the world for use in virtually any art, design or craft application. Most of the papers are hand-made from craftsmen using traditional paper-making techniques. Enjoy the intricate hand-silkscreened patterns of Japanese Yuzen Paper or papers marbled by hand in Thailand, India, France and Italy. Or find the perfect paper for wedding invitations. You will get lost in our selection of over 1000 different papers.

The Origami Paper Shop: So you like to partake in the ancient tradition of folding paper into elaborate sculptures? Our site dedicated to the art of origami has everything you can think of and more to satisfy your craving to fold. From papers to book to complete kits, you will find hours of enjoyment from our origami selection.

Safety Lights and Signals: Keep your workplace safe! Safety Lights and Signals provides a myriad of options of flashing, blinking and revolving lights to warn of danger, highlight visibility and to keep workers safe.